Why It's a Good Idea to Remove Old Insulation

Why It's a Good Idea to Remove Old Insulation

Old insulation can cause several problems, including low home energy efficiency, poor indoor air quality, animal infestation, etc. Health issues can arise if your insulation has rodent infestation because this will affect the air you breathe in. You will see that removing old insulation will significantly improve your home's temperature regulation and air quality. Here are some reasons why you should consider removing the old insulation: 

For Better Heating and Cooling

The effectiveness of old insulation can decrease over time as it becomes compressed, breaks down, or deteriorates. Your HVAC will have to work more to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, as heating or cooling will be lost due to poor insulation. Therefore, replacing it with new insulation can reduce energy bills and improve your home's energy efficiency

For Construction Purposes

Adding an additional floor to a house or converting an attic into a living space will require the removal of the institution. Old insulation becomes damp over time, and mixing old and new insulation will also ruin the new. Therefore, removing old insulation before adding new one is recommended to prevent the unsafe distribution of home insulation.  

For Health and Safety

There is a possibility that old insulation may contain asbestos, mould, or other contaminants that are harmful to human health. It is more common for infestations to occur in older homes, which tend to have weak spots in the roof or attic exterior. Therefore, you should get a professional inspection of your home insulation after a few years. Remove your old insulation to avoid potential health problems if it is contaminated. 

To Upgrade Insulation Material

Upgrading home insulation by removing old insulation and replacing it with a better insulation material can benefit you in many ways. Upgrading the insulation can immensely improve thermal performance and soundproofing. You can choose new and more effective insulation when replacing the old ones. 

As insulation collects dust, dirt, and other particles over time, it is a good idea to get it inspected by a professional insulation contractor. For removal, you should hire professionals because it poses too many risks if you do it yourself. Here are the steps involved in removing old insulation:  

Examine the area: To remove old insulation, inspect the area to determine the type of existing insulation material, its condition, and risks associated with its removal.

Take Protective Measures: Wearing protective gear and using proper ventilation is important if the insulation contains hazardous materials like asbestos.

Remove Old Insulation: The old insulation is removed from the area either by hand or with the help of specialized equipment. Ideally, you should hire professionals for seamless and safe insulation removal. 

Clean the Area: It is necessary to thoroughly clean the area after the old insulation has been removed to ensure that no debris or contaminants remain.

Install the New Insulation: Following removing the old insulation, new insulation can be installed to improve energy efficiency and other performance parameters.

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Overall, removing old insulation can provide several benefits. To have a stress-free insulation removal experience, you should work with professionals. Reitzel Insulation offers high-quality insulation services in Waterloo and nearby areas. We have experts that can give you good advice and effective solutions regarding insulation problems.


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