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News Story Friday, June 18, 2021

We want to thank our customers for nominating us for the 2021 Reader's Choice Awards for both the Hamilton Spec and Waterloo Record.

If you haven't nominated us, please click on the links below and pick Reitzel Insulation.
The nomination period ends on July 11, 2021.

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News Story Wednesday, June 16, 2021

One question that many people ask is whether their homes might be “over-insulated.”

How much is too much insulation?
One question that many people ask is whether their homes might be “over-insulated.”
Check out our blog for the details.

There are two primary schools of thought on this topic.
Before you can determine the right level of insulation for your building, you need to examine a variety of factors. Only a professional is trained to make this assessment accurately.
At Reitzel Insulation, our goal is to find the best solution for every property we service.
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If you are planning on renovating your basement, we highly recommend that you should get it insulated.

Basement insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your foundation and can even help protect against unwanted moisture.

Adding basement insulation can:

- Reduce heat loss through the foundation
- Provide protection for the damp-proof coating
- Help reduce moisture buildup and condensation
- Help maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home
- Conserve the internal room area if you plan to finish the basement

If this post caught your attention, give Reitzel a call at 1-800-265-8869.

Learn more about the Green Homes Grant

Learn more about rebates available in your area.


News Story Friday, June 11, 2021

We want to thank Sharon Parsons for her HomeStars review.


"The Rep for Reitzel was very prompt with initial response. The meeting for quotation was on time, very thorough and addressed all our requirements. On day of job the crew introduced themselves, went over the "game plan" and started on time. They were all very courteous, answered any questions we asked and when finished they cleaned the work area so we would not have known they were there. Needless to say we are very happy with Reitzel Insulation Co. and would not hesitate to recommend the Price, People and the Workmanship."

Pick an insulation company that has the best workmanship warranty and customer support.
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News Story Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Wondering if you need insulation removal services? Check out our latest blog to learn more.

We provide the safest and cleanest removal service.

Having 45 years of experience in insulation removal matters.
We offer a free assessment to determine if insulation removal is required.

At Reitzel Insulation, we know insulation inside and out!
We proudly serve communities throughout Southern Ontario.

Have questions?
Call our experts today at 1-800-265-8869.



We help commercial properties improve their energy efficiency.

Without the proper insulation, your building is probably leaking air.

The energy impact of air leakage can be significant if left alone.
A complete air-barrier system will prevent unintentional leakage when combined with the right type of commercial insulation.

Reducing the air leakage of your building will help improve your energy efficiency, as less conditioned indoor air will be able to escape, and less outdoor air will enter your building.

This can help improve efficiency, allowing you to spend less money on energy bills.

Talk with our commercial insulation experts at 519-886-6100!


News Story Friday, June 04, 2021


Please note that effective June 3, 2021, the following changes will be implemented in regards to the Enbridge HER rebates:
1. Increasing attic insulation from R35 or less to R60 will now earn $750 in rebates, previously $650.
2. The rebate for the cost of the energy assessment has been increased to $600, previously $550.

Although homeowners can participate in both the Enbridge/Union Gas rebates and the new Federal Greener Homes Grant they will not be able to “stack” rebates for the same upgrade, however, the Enbridge/Union Gas rebates are more lucrative than they were before.

Check out the Canada Greener Homes Grant where you can receive up to $5,600 in grants if the Enbridge/Union Gas is not available to you.

Give Reitzel Insulation a call today at 1-800-265-8869.

More info here.


News Story Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Check out this blog on the importance of insulation for your renovation.

You’ve painted your walls, installed granite countertops, and re-carpeted your living room. But, did you remember one of the most important home renovations: insulation?

Check out this blog on the importance of insulation for your renovation. Many homeowners don’t realize how much improper insulation is costing them. But the cost is only one of the many reasons why you should update your home’s insulation.

There are plenty of reasons why you should put “insulation” near the top of your renovation checklist.

Plus now you can receive up to $5,600 in grants from the Canada Greener Homes Grant.
Give Reitzel Insulation a call today at 1-800-265-8869.





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