Is cellulose insulation good for soundproofing?

Is cellulose insulation good for soundproofing?

Many homeowners have found there are plenty of benefits when insulating their home with cellulose. Cellulose insulation is a “green” product that has the highest recycled content of any insulation available. It is made of 80% recycled newspapers and paper products. Cellulose is used in roof and wall cavities to insulate, draft proof and reduce noise.

Cellulose insulation can reduce sound travelling through walls and between floors. The density of cellulose gives it an advantage over other forms of insulation, such as fibreglass. Cellulose insulation works to reduce the lateral movement of sheetrock, which decreases the amount of sound that can travel through walls.

Cellulose insulation can decrease sound travelling through floors and walls. The advantage cellulose has over other forms of insulation is its density. As compared with fibreglass, cellulose insulation effectively reduces the lateral movement of sheetrock, which in turn lessens the amount of sound that can travel through walls.

Sound pollution comes through the air and direct impact. Preventing sound waves from travelling requires insulation between the source of noise and the area to absorb its vibrations. The way it works is that the insulation acts to “soak up” noise, stopping it from being annoying in your home.

Sometimes, cellulose insulation can be challenging to installed by non-professionals. To get proper soundproofing in your home, the cellulose needs to be installed perfectly. If it is not, the soundproofing will not work as intended. Also, lack of insulation in a wall cavity can still allow sound to pass through.

The difference between soundproofing and acoustics.

Soundproofing is the process of preserving the sound in the room and blocking the outside noise. Acoustics is the process of preventing the sound from bouncing off the walls or echoing. With the appropriate insulation material and strategy, you can build a soundproof barrier in your home.

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