Differences Between Attic and Roof Insulation

Differences Between Attic and Roof Insulation

Having your home insulated is an important aspect of energy efficiency. Depending on your circumstances, you might have your home insulated in a few different ways. If you plan to occupy the attic, then you would need attic insulation. If the attic will be used only for storage, then roof insulation may be appropriate. 

No matter what your insulation needs might be, the team at Reitzel Insulation is here to guide you through the process. We are the leading experts in home and commercial insulation in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We are always happy to help you determine the best options for your property. 


Attic insulation is useful when the area is intended as a living space. This is referred to as a “warm” roof. The insulation will help to keep the room comfortable for its inhabitants. When an attic is insulated, the materials are installed between the rafters in the ceiling plane. 


When an attic goes unoccupied, it is called a “cold” roof space. In this case, the insulation is placed in the roof slope. Instead of being positioned above and below the rafters, the material is installed between the roof joists.

Keeping your home or business temperate and energy-efficient involves more than your HVAC system. Proper insulation is an integral part of staying comfortable and maintaining reasonable energy bills. Attic or roof insulation will help you to keep your indoor environment at the temperature you want it to be. At Reitzel Insulation, we are prepared to assist you with all of your insulation requirements in Kitchener and across the surrounding areas.

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