Four Reasons to Spray Foam Your Basement Walls

Four Reasons to Spray Foam Your Basement Walls

A properly insulated basement can make your home comfortable. Spray foam insulation is the most effective for it provides a watertight and airtight barrier. Spray foam insulation is an excellent solution for damp, drafty, mouldy, and smelly basements. This method is applicable for both newly constructed and old basement walls. The basement is an uncomfortable place due to moisture and sometimes mould growth. Spray foam basement walls cost: though seems higher, but it is only a one-time investment. Once you have insulated the basement walls with spray foam, it facilitates saving on energy bills.  

Avoids Air Leakage

Many air leaks occur through sources hidden away in the basement and attic of your home. Air moves into and out of buildings through floors, ceilings, and walls due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air. Uncontrolled air leaks lead to various issues including condensation, mould and rot. By spray foam insulating your basement, you basically cut off 15-20% of your home's air leakage. Spray foam fills even the tiniest creaks and openings that remain untouched with traditional insulation materials. Spray foam prevents air loss which in turn prevents energy waste. Therefore, for the best results and enhanced comfort, choose spray foam to insulate the walls of your basement. 

Reduces Condensation 

Are you irritated by the excessive moisture indoor? Well, we have a solution for you. Spray foam on the exterior walls to change the dew point on these walls. It helps you get rid of indoor dampness. If you do not know how and when condensation occurs and its contribution to moisture buildup. In simple terms, condensation is a process that changes the air into water vapours. When hot air inside the room touches the cold walls - water vapours form due to temperature differences. Condensed water vapours saturate inside the building, leading to excessive indoor moisture. When spray foam is applied to exterior walls, it changes the dewpoint on the wall - due to which your spray foam insulated wall does not condensate like other conventional types of insulation. 

Spray Foam Provides Monolithic Seal

 Spray foam insulation forms a monolithic seal between the frame and the foundation wall. This seal stops any heat transfer. The results of spray foam insulation have been reported to be 50% better than traditional insulation products. Spray foam discourages conductive heat transfer. Conductive heat transfer is responsible for all the heat loss; through conduction, heat transfers from a higher to a lower temperature region. Spray foam is ideal thermal insulation because it conducts heat poorly, thus resisting heat transfer. 

No Mould Growth in Spray Foam

Mould growth can ruin the indoor environment and cause health issues. Severe infections can stimulate lung damage. Therefore, to maintain a healthy environment in the building, it is crucial to use insulation material that discourages mould formation. The chemical composition of spray foam insulation is such that it does not nourish mould. Spray foam does not rot or rust as wood and metal do. To prevent mould growth insulate the attics, garages and basement with spray foam. Spray foam neither becomes food for mould growth nor provides mould with a growth-friendly environment. Removal and remediation of mould are stressful and costly; therefore, it is better to take precautionary measures and insulate the house with spray foam.

Spray foaming your basement is the most practical way of insulating your basement. Spray foam insulation reduces the heating and cooling costs over the years. By spray foaming your basement, you create a cleaner and more comfortable environment to live in.

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