Why Spray Foam Should be the Only Choice of Insulation for Your Basement

Why Spray Foam Should be the Only Choice of Insulation for Your Basement

You want to keep your house cool in summers, warm in winters, prevent mould growth, and conserve energy. To achieve all this comfortably, you come across multiple insulation options.

It is just so hard to choose the best one. Worry not Reitzel Insulation has the perfect insulation plan for your house. Due to cracks and openings in the walls of the basement moisture, is likely to enter your basement. Free flow of air causes many problems apart from enhanced energy consumption for heating. These include increased humidity, mould growth, and bad air quality. Spray foam insulation is an ideal choice for your basement. Spray foam comprises polyurethane which is a flexible material and adjusts to the wall nicely.

Why it should be the Only Choice of Insulation for your Basement

Spray Foam is a Great Air Sealer

The chemical composition of spray foam enables it to grow and adhere to every surface. The environment inside your basement area matters as its health affects the wood frame of the whole house. Without spray foam, completely sealing each nook and crannies is impossible. Spray foam forms an air barrier that prevents outside air entry into the basement, thus keeping the house warm and moisture-free. 

Spray Foam Insulation Avoids Condensation

There are several types of insulation for basement walls; however, condensation is a common problem among traditional types of insulation. Water vapours in the cold air go through condensation and become water droplets which increases the humidity. Humidity can turn out bad for your house, furniture, temperature, and energy consumption, for it attracts problems like fungal growth and material degradation. Insulate your basement to prevent moisture accumulation with spray foam.

Spraying the Basement Walls Improves Air Quality

It is quite an interesting fact about spray foam that it minimizes pollutants entry into the house. Insects and pests make their way into the building mainly through walls; rarely do they use doors. Similarly, allergens, pollens and other small creatures reside and enter through creeks. Thus, for asthma, allergy and chemical sensitization prevention, spray foam is recommended. When all those creeks and corners are covered up, you stabilize the indoor temperature and also the bugs, moulds, pollens and dust particles entrance is blocked. The Sustenance of improved air quality is another remarkable feature that convinces you to pursue spray foam insulation for your basement. 

Spray Foam Improves Overall Comfort in the House

Who would deny a comfortable, cozy house which is warm in winters and cold in summers? No one. Spray foam has every bit of capacity to make your home the most comfortable place for you. With all those mould growths, moisture traps, humidity damage fears removed, your house feels safer than ever. Installing basement wall insulation in your climate zone 3 home (or colder atmosphere) saves you money, as it lowers energy bills. Insulated basements stay drier and smell better, which integrates into the overall atmosphere of your house. 

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