The Best Way to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home

The Best Way to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home

Keeping a house properly insulated involves more than just installing insulation. In order to save energy, it's essential to reduce heat loss throughout the house. This includes preventing air leaks and ensuring high-quality insulation. The result: lower bills and reduced energy consumption.

Attic Insulation

Attics and roofs are probably the most important places to reduce heat loss in the average home. Air sealing and quality insulation will prevent air movement, block heat loss, and prevent moisture from accumulating. As a result, energy efficiency will be ensured in both summer and winter. Heat will not escape from a well-sealed attic in the winter, and warm outdoor air will not penetrate in the summer. Most importantly, you'll be comfortable throughout the year.

Air Ventilation

In order for the attic space to perform properly, proper ventilation is essential. Attics that are leaking air are more likely to develop condensation and lose heat during the summer. Ventilation and circulation prevent moisture from accumulating in these conditions. Combined insulation and ventilation are vital for proper performance.

Air Leakage

Air leakage impacts every home's energy efficiency, regardless of its size. As a matter of fact, most professionals recommend addressing air leakage at the same time as upgrading insulation. Heat and cooling are wasted when there are leaks. The most effective way to improve energy efficiency is not only to add more insulation but also to resolve any air leakage issues.

Basement Insulation

Basements are another area of the home where it is important to reduce heat loss. Investing in good insulation will result in a more efficient and balanced HVAC system. This results in less energy consumption. Basements with good insulation have higher R-Values, less air leakage, and controlled air moisture. Aside from improving energy efficiency, the basement is also more comfortable season after season.

Windows and Doors

Heat loss is caused by drafts coming from windows and doors that are not properly sealed. By weatherizing the building envelope, heating losses can be effectively reduced. Sealing window frames, door frames, and even recessed ceiling lighting fixtures is one way to do this. As a result, there will be less need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

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