Your Best Investment for Your Home's Efficiency

Your Best Investment for Your Home's Efficiency

As winter approaches, it's time to think about weatherizing your home. The goal here is to make changes that will enhance comfort and reduce energy bills, especially in the winter months. It can often be challenging for homeowners to prioritize where they spend their home improvement budget. In this article, we will make our case for attic insulation, since it has plenty of advantages.

It only takes 3-7 years for you to get your return on investment when you upgrade your insulation in your attic!

It might surprise you to learn that adding attic insulation to your home is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills. Most homeowners can lose between 30% and 40% of their heating through their attic due to air leakage.
Chances are you don't have enough insulation in your house if it experiences large temperature swings. Attic insulation is an inexpensive way to lower your energy bills, and it's an easy fix. In some cases, you might want to remove the old insulation and replace it with Spray Foam Insulation to help seal air leaks in your attic.

If possible, you should insulate your attic so that it is at least as tall as the joists. By adding loose-fill insulation on top of what is already there, you can quickly bring the insulation value up from R-20 to R-50 or R-60.

Insulation pays itself off 2-5 times quicker than replacing your windows and doors!

If you are planning a home renovation budget to make your home more energy-efficient and to save money, we highly recommend that you upgrade your insulation before you upgrade your windows and doors. Insulating your home will pay you back two to five times faster in energy savings than windows and doors. If you have the budget for both, you’ll see even more savings.

The investment in good quality insulation is only a fraction of the cost of replacing your old windows with high-energy windows and doors.

By investing in your home's attic insulation you are not only going to save money in the long run, but you will also improve overall comfort inside your home!

A common home improvement that is often overlooked by homeowners is attic insulation. When homeowners ignore the importance of attic insulation, they usually sacrifice home comfort and run the risk of higher heating and cooling bills. Insulation in the attic helps maintain the temperature inside a house and makes it more comfortable for occupants.

A warm interior during the winter and a cool interior during the summer are the most important. During the winter, attic insulation provides thermal insulation (R-Value) to keep the attic cool and create an air barrier and vapor barrier.

Of all the homes that we go into, less than 10 have been up to today's standard for attic insulation

Historically, older homes had little insulation and were built with just open cavities in the walls. Building experts knew that water was the most important enemy of every house, and although water may have found its way into the walls in minute amounts, due to the extraordinary looseness of the building envelope, the house was always able to dry out safely and quickly.
It’s important to have an in-home inspection and estimate done by a professional Insulation Company. They will advise you on the best options for your budget.

Reitzel Insulation Provides a Free in-Home Inspection and Estimate

Our high-quality insulation will save you money it will make your home much more comfortable! We can eliminate draft sources in your home, and create a more comfortable environment. Trap your air-conditioning and heating inside where it belongs! Keep your house cool in the blazing summer months and cozy warm in the dead of winter.

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