Best Type of Attic Insulation

Best Type of Attic Insulation

All types of attic insulation are a good choice. Depending on your scenario, each type of insulation provides similar benefits which can be maximized. For homeowners focused on cost-effectiveness, they should upgrade applying the proper type of attic insulation and have adequate air sealing. The team at Reitzel Insulation is focused on giving our customers the best options so they can make the best choice for their situation. 

Why Should I Care About Attic Insulation?

With our 46 years of experience doing over 100,000 projects, we can confidently say that the average residential home sees the most significant improvements by doing air sealing upgrades and attic insulation upgrades. A well-insulated attic works to provides the homeowner with several advantages that are felt throughout the home.

These include:  

  • Cozy living environment
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less energy usage
  • A lot fewer drafts
  • Controllable room temperature
  • Relieve for the HVAC system
  • Better inside air quality 

What are the Different Types of Attic Insulation?

Spray Foam Attic Insulation

This is one of the best choices for many homeowners because it is an efficient and flexible product. Spray foam insulation in your attic insulation gives air sealing, strong R-values, and vapour barrier in one. Reitzel's insulation's customer service team can help you pick the best type of spray foam, depending on your needs. Homeowners can save a lot of money over time when the spray foam is professionally installed. In addition, savings are achieved through energy savings. 

Blown-in Attic Insulation

Another great option is cellulose or fibreglass that is blown into the attic. This type of insulation is eco-friendly due to its recycled materials, efficiency, fire retardant or fire resistance, depending on which brand of product you choose. This type of insulation can be applied to rim joists, wall cavities, and a variety of spaces in an attic. Cellulose has slightly higher R-values over fibreglass. Blown-in insulation can settle over a long time, requiring top-ups. Settling happens because the insulation is conforming to the attic space. This is also called the settling factor, which is considered when you hire a professional insulation company.  The cost of blown-in attic insulation depends on the targeted R-value,  type of material used, and the size of the attic. 

Batt Attic Insulation

One of the more common types of insulating material is batt insulation. It is the best option for homeowners on a budget that want to make some noticeable upgrades. Some benefits are that it is naturally non-flammable and great at sound deadening. The way it works is that batts are cut and placed into the crevices of your attic. To get the most out of your batt insulation, we advise that you also have air sealing performed. This is a very cost-effective option for some homeowners. When batts are professionally installed, they can improve utility cost, energy performance, and home comfort.

Hire Reitzel Insulation For the Best Results

We recommend hiring professionals to handle your attic project. We bring over 46 years of experience and have over 100,000 satisfied customers. Trust your insulation needs to Reitzel Insulation!

We are proud to stand behind our 5-Year Workmanship Warranty.

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