Can You Insulate My Home Without Removing My Walls?

Can You Insulate My Home Without Removing My Walls?

Wall insulation without tearing them down is possible. Living in a poorly or uninsulated house causes problems, such as high energy bills and cold indoors. Reitzel Insulation has the necessary skill and equipment to insulate your home without removing the walls. Apart from some specific situations, it is doable. In this article, you can read how we do it and that it is feasible. We recommend you work with an insulation professional so that you get proper insulation without losing the external charm of your house.   

How to Insulate the Existing Walls?

Are you looking for a way to insulate your old house without removing walls? Reitzel insulation uses its state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera to identify framing in your walls. Thermal imagers sense the difference in heat which helps locate areas of interest. These detected parts in the walls lack insulation and need fixation. Newer homes usually have appropriate insulation, but the walls of older homes (built before the 1980s) often are not insulated. Your wish is to protect the charm and beauty of the house; we understand this well. Blown-in insulation and injection foam are effective ways to insulate existing walls. These retrofit methods are cost-effective and save you from rebuilding the entire building again. It is possible to insulate your walls by injecting insulation material through a few inches hole. 

The common materials used to insulate walls without tearing them down are the following: 

  1. Cellulose
  2. Open-cell spray foam
  3. Close-cell spray foam

Reitzel will determine your wall framing and install the best fit insulation between the studs.  

Benefits of Re-insulating Exterior Walls? 


When we insulate the studs in your wall through injection foam, cellulose in-blown, expanding foam or other appropriate methods, it will soundproof your house from exterior noises. It permits you to live in the same home but with an improved internal atmosphere and convenience.  

Prevents Thermal Loss

Heat loss is a common problem that homeowners with uninsulated houses face. You overuse the HVAC system to sustain an appropriate internal environment, which causes excessive energy charges. Insulating the existing walls with our advanced approaches can save you money and effort.  

Overall Comfort

You can preserve the beauty of your beloved house and make it a comfortable place by insulating your walls using our insulation services. Injection foam is moisture-resistant. If you use it to insulate the walls, you reduce moisture content. Consequently, overall home comfort improves. Our experts can assess the conditions of the wall and suggest the most suitable insulation material.  

Situations in Which Existing Wall Insulation is Impossible

It is impossible to install insulation if your home is dry-walled with fibreglass batt insulation and vapour barrier. The insulation is not feasible as voids in the wall occur in these two situations.  

The Best in Exterior Wall Insulation

Reitzel Insulation preserves the structure of your walls and installs insulation effectively. After complete insulation of walls, our crew inspects them to ensure no areas lack insulation and everything is perfect. We finish the walls with a quick coating of mud; later, you can refinish the wall as you like. If you are ready to be more comfortable in your home and start saving money in the process, call our office today!


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