The Use of Thermal Imaging for Insulation

The Use of Thermal Imaging for Insulation

All around us, every day and in every way, technology pervades our lives. Why? Presumably, it adds to our enjoyment of life by making things better or easier. In the case of insulation, it has definitely made things better. New insulating materials and a greater understanding of how insulation and building envelopes interact have led to huge leaps in comfort and energy efficiency in newer buildings. The benefits of today’s technology don’t have to end here, however. Older homes can experience great improvements in comfort and energy efficiency as well by taking advantage of more and newer insulating materials. In this case, technology has resulted in another tool which is of great value: the thermal imaging camera.


Thermal imaging cameras have a unique way of “seeing”; instead of detecting visible light, like the human eye, they detect in the infrared spectrum. As it happens, infrared light is a form of heat transmission. So, thermal imaging cameras can “see” heat. Internal components convert the detected heat signature of what is being observed into a picture which the human eye can see. Therefore, thermal cameras are extremely useful in the insulation industry, and any insulation company claiming to provide top-quality insulation for older homes should use one.


When insulating an older home, minimal disruption to the building and its occupants is desirable. However, this means that access to the walls, floors, ceilings and attic areas is usually quite limited. Thermal cameras are the best technology to address these concerns. Without removing the finished floor, ceiling, wall, etc., thermal cameras can aid in identifying building components, areas of heat loss and even moisture concerns. After an insulation job has been completed, the cameras will be used to ensure that a very thorough job has been achieved. Any areas of concern can be addressed immediately. Air leakage is also detectable with a thermal imager allowing energy-sucking gaps to be corrected very effectively.


If you are considering insulating your older home, be sure that any companies you contact to quote on the job use a thermal imaging camera. Reitzel Insulation is a reputable, professional insulation company using thermal imaging cameras. Call us today for a free quote.


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