The Benefits of Expanding Spray Foam

The Benefits of Expanding Spray Foam

Home insulation is an investment of significant magnitude. A wide variety of insulating options create both ease and confusion; we suggest you choose the best approach for your home. Spray foam is a superior insulation method for it is suitable for new and old buildings. Spray foam expands and hardens like a rock to seal all spaces. The use of expanding spray foam insulation enhances the insulation capacity of homes around 50% better compared to other traditional insulation products. In the surroundings of Waterloo, Guelph and Kitchener spray foam is the ideal insulation product as it improves the sustainability and strength of the building.  

Extremely Durable

Expanding foams are highly durable these days. This spray foam is easy to apply, and upon proper application, it can last the lifetime of your home. There is a strong chance that proper spray foam application adds to the durability of the overall building structure through air leakage and vapour diffusion reduction. Spray foams age well under moisture and heat - roofing applications can last up to 30 years. Expanding spray foam retain their physical properties; it absorbs only 0-2% moisture - it is resistant to UV degradation given proper UV protection coating.  

Adheres to Surfaces

Expanding spray foam is sticky and quickly glues together the surfaces it is applied in-between. It is well known for its waterproofing, sound insulation, and superior air barrier functions. This spray expands as it dries - when sprayed inside wall cavities, it renders excellent sealing. Expanding spray foam is easy to apply wherever required, and it adds structural support. It eliminates draft sources and ensures air sealing. The expanding nature of spray foam; enables it to seal even the tight gaps and corners, leaving no exposed areas. 

Stops Heat Transfer

Thermal protection is an excellent benefit of spray foam insulation. It creates a custom airtight envelope in the building- thus preventing convective heat transfer from the interior to the exterior via air infiltration. Nearly 40% of heat energy in homes escapes due to air movement through windows, doorways, and gaps in the walls. Expanding spray foam prevents frequent temperature fluctuations by blocking conductive heat loss and supports consistent climate in homes and offices.  

Saves Money

Insulation improves the energy efficiency of your home, which consequently reduces overall energy consumption and energy bills. Spray foam saves 30% of extra energy compared to other insulation products. The initial cost of spray foam seems higher compared to fibreglass or other insulations. But, in the long run, spray foam proves its worth. Expanding spray foam has a high R-value and controls internal temperature efficiently. Spray foam insulation is likely to pay for itself in three to five years. Moreover, getting your house spray foam insulated can potentially increase your house's resale value.  

Sound Dampener

Spray foam insulation not only prevents heat loss but also stops noise pollution. It fills all the possible cracks and gaps in the walls - no sound can enter from outside to inside your home. The extra protective layering and proofing provide a comfortable internal atmosphere for your house. Road traffic noise and sounds from neighbouring rooms cannot enter your room or office. This type of insulation absorbs sound waves and enables soundproofing of your house/office.  

Air Quality Improvement

The use of spray foam as an insulator decreases indoor allergens, for example, pollens, mildew, dust, moulds and other pollutants. These allergens and pollutants enter your home or office through cracks and cervices rather than open doors. Spray foam repels insects and rodents as it is not a suitable food or nest for them. Spray foam is your ideal choice if you are annoyed by the allergens, chemical sensitivities and asthma symptoms. Expanding spray foam insulation makes the internal environment friendly and clean.  

We understand your house's value and thus aim to provide the best insulation services in Waterloo, Guelph and Kitchener areas. To experience the best customer service and support with a 5-year workmanship-warranty outsource insulation contract to Reitzel. 

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