Spray Foam Insulation Advantages And Disadvantages

Spray Foam Insulation Advantages And Disadvantages

Since 1986, spray foam insulation has been available to homeowners. Spray foam insulation is the preferred choice by experts because it offers energy efficiency benefits, ease, and comfort. Spray foam is best used for fixing issues with insufficient insulation, retrofitting attics and crawl spaces.

How does Spray Foam Work?

The way that the foam works is that it works as insulation and an air-barrier component. It helps to create limited air movement, which reduces energy loss throughout the season. Spray foam is exceptionally durable and will never lose its form or move with time like other insulation products.

While it offers these benefits, spray foam insulation products positively impact the heat transfer and convection that can affect comfort levels in the structure. You can use open-cell or closed-cell products to create the specific results you want.

If your home could use an energy-efficiency upgrade, then here are the pros and cons of spray foam insulation to consider.

8 Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

1. Reduced Energy Bills

When you choose to have spray foam insulation done in your home, you can start saving money on your heating and cooling. Homes and businesses without any insulation can see a 50% improvement right away.

2. Stop leaks with an Airtight seal

Stop leaks causing massive amounts of energy loss. Spray foam is versatile and perfect for crawl spaces, attic, and walls because it expands quickly, filling cracks and holes.

3. Mold and Mildew Buildup

This foam solution will reduce mildew, mould, and bacteria because it does not provide a food source if it gets wet. Closed-cell products are better than open-cell ones for this advantage, but both offer better options than organic insulation products. There are even fewer issues with a pest infestation in this insulation product than the other options available on the market today.

4. Eco-friendly

Spray foam insulation is perfect for the homeowner concerned about the environmental impact of their home. It helps to reduce your energy consumption, moisture, and it uses fewer materials.

5. Long lifespan compared to other products

When homeowners take care of their property, spray foam insulation can have a long lifespan. It is an excellent investment you can enjoy for a long time without the need for an upgrade or replacement.

6. Impermeable to water

Spray Foam insulation will help prevent absorbing water, unlike some other types of insulation materials. This will help your home experience less damage over the lifetime of the property.

7. Strengthen to your walls and roof

When you pick a closed-cell spray foam insulation, it can reduce noise pollution and add strength to the overall construction of your home.

8. Doesn't lose R-value over time

One of the most critical advantages of spray foam is that it will not lose R-value over time.

3 Cons of Spray Foam Insulation

1. Not Installed Correctly

Some homeowners choose to do a DIY spray foam project. Unfortunately, spray foam insulation can cause a huge mess and many problems when not installed by a professional insulation contractor. When not installed properly, it can miss some cavities where air leakage can occur. When installers skip these cavities, it can also create the potential of water damage throughout the structure because air gets into the various pockets in the attic. Sometimes pressure change can encourage water to leak in through building imperfections.

2. Spray foam insulation requires experience

Hiring the cheapest spray foam installer can be an issue due to a lack of experience. Unexperienced contractors usually face problems with the product curing quickly. As the foam cures, it can create areas that are unfilled that you cannot see. Many horror stories found online talk about how some installers have missed entire sections, miss sprayed, and made a huge mess.

3. The Cost of Spray foam insulation

The cost of getting a quote on spray foam insulation can cost more than other types of insulation - especially when compared to cheap fibreglass insulation products found at the local hardware stores.

When considering spray foam, think about the energy savings, comfort, and longevity of the product. We highly recommend that you hire an experienced insulation contractor who has been established in your community. Choose one with great reviews and customer service.

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