Should You Install Vapour Barrier Insulation?

Should You Install Vapour Barrier Insulation?

A finished basement is a great investment. In addition to increasing a property’s value, it adds space to your home that you and your family can use. However, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly insulated. In particular, finished basements often benefit from vapour barrier insulation. Here’s what you should know.

What is vapour barrier insulation?

Vapour barriers are foil or plastic sheets used to protect your insulation from condensation forming in your walls, roof or floor. In colder climates, they’re typically installed on the warm side of the construction, just between the interior wall and the insulation. This is because when warm air from your home comes into contact with the cold outer wall, condensation forms.

What’s the reason for using a vapour barrier?

Vapour barriers provide additional protection against water damage. When warm air from inside the building comes into contact with cold outer walls, condensation forms and this causes water to become trapped in the space between the walls and the insulation. Over time, this compromises the effectiveness of the insulation materials and can cause structures to rot and become damaged.

Vapour barriers also increase your home’s energy efficiency and will save you money on heating and cooling your home.

Is a vapour barrier necessary?

Because Ontario is considered a cold climate, condensation due to warm air coming in contact with cold exterior walls is a serious concern. This can cause water to accumulate undetected inside your walls, leading to water damaging your insulation and the structure of your home. The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of renovating your basement only to have to deal with water damage.

What are the different vapour barrier materials?

There’s a wide range of materials that can be used as vapour barriers. However, for construction in Ontario, you’ll need to make sure the one you select meets the building code requirements. That’s why working with a professional and reliable insulation contractor is so important. The right vapour barrier will also depend on the type of insulation you’re using.

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