Safe Spray Foam Insulation

Safe Spray Foam Insulation

How do I know that polyurethane spray foam insulation is safe for my home?

How do I know it was done right?

Over 200,000 spray foam jobs are done in Canada annually but some people are still nervous.

Thru careful research it has been found that Proline Plus professional spray foam insulation offers features and benefits that make it the architect’s and engineers product of choice for many reasons.

Proline Plus has been engineered to provide superior thermal insulation and an effective air barrier. Since it has weathered performance tests in commercial, industrial, institutional, condos and apartment usage, at times under less than normal building code conditions, in a residential application it is a star performer.

The product is critical, but real energy savings and safety are achieved ONLY, when installed by a trained, and certified professional, to ensure the products full potential is realised. Proline Plus installers, wear a photo identification card, issued by UFC, Urethane Foam Consultants Inc., after having been trained and tested thru the most advanced and comprehensive ISO/IEC 17024:2012 certification program for spray foam applicators. You just can’t pick up someone at the labour pool, give them some coveralls and a spray gun and then call them a sprayer. Working with government agencies, IAS, Workers Comp, and the spray foam industry, UFC has created and supervises an extensive certification program, to comply with the changes, and the requirements of the delivery of a quality foam product into the home. 

The integrity of the company doing the job is the final link in the installation chain of events. Reitzel Insulation with 38 years of successful business experience is a Proline Plus Premier trained dealer. Doing at times over 20 homes a day, Reitzel Insulation has an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are a family run company that knows you are putting your trust in them to do it right and they deliver. They measure, manage, and monitor the work from start to finish. 

Reitzel Insulation at 1-877-868-0456


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