Reduce Energy Costs: Identify Problems with Your Insulation in Toronto

Reduce Energy Costs: Identify Problems with Your Insulation in Toronto

Is your gas or electric bill abnormally high compared to your neighbours? There may be several reasons why you are using more energy, but one of the main culprits is poor insulation. Toronto's climate can be extreme, and if you don't properly insulate your home, you may end up spending a lot more on energy costs than you should. 

Here are 4 symptoms of poor insulation that might help you recognize when your insulation in Toronto needs to be inspected:

  • Your heat or AC is on frequently
  • You find it hard to reach a consistent temperature that's comfortable
  • Your eaves have large icicles during winter
  • There are water leaks in the house 

These are not the only symptoms of poor insulation, but they are the most common, and they are the easiest to spot. If you are dealing with any of these problems, you should have a professional inspect your home in order to determine if you need to add more insulation or replace your insulation.

You are not just dealing with higher energy costs when you have bad insulation. Water leaks are generally a sign of serious damage to your home. Water leaks can render your insulation useless.

3 Things You Can Do Now

Before you call a professional, you can run your own energy audit to get a better feel for the condition of your home.

  1. Search for air leaks that might influence temperature in your home.
  2. Check your insulation levels in the attic.
  3. Inspect your heating and AC units to ensure they are working properly. 

In most cases, you should be able to rule out other problems and determine if you need better insulation by performing these simple tasks. If you want a more detailed inspection, Reitzel Insulation can help with heat-tracking technology and other inspection tools.


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