R-60 Cellulose Insulation Project

R-60 Cellulose Insulation Project

Upgrading your insulation has plenty of benefits because it is energy efficient and helps control your conditioned air. You can save money on energy bills, help the environment, and reduce noise pollution. Upgraded insulation will protect your home against cold air entering your home in winter and excessive heat in summer by keeping the hot air out.

One of our customers just updated her insulation and said it's working.

We just completed this project for a customer experiencing temperature issues, higher energy bills, and more. After we completed her project, she noticed a difference right away. We provided the following services for this insulation project.

R-60 Cellulose Insulation

We upgraded the insulation up to R-60 using Cellulose Insulation. Homes have to be insulated with enough Cellulose to achieve an R-value between R-30, and R-60 Cellulose insulation provides a green, efficient, non-toxic, thermal solution to the attic. It's made of 84% post-consumer recycled paper, and the fibre is chemically treated with non-toxic, resist fire, insects and mould. Cellulose insulation provides more excellent resistance to air leakage

Upgraded Soffit Baffle Vents

We upgraded the ventilation inside the attic space using soffit baffle vents. Proper ventilation in the attic is essential because it helps address excess heat and moisture build-up that can cause problems with your home. A well-insulated attic requires good air circulation. Baffles are a necessary component of our attic insulation process that provides several benefits. Baffles provide a channel for air to flow through certain parts of the attic.

Air Sealed All Penetrations

It is known that 40% of a home's energy loss can be caused by air leakage through walls, floors, and the roof. Air leakage happens when outside air enters your home, and the conditioned air leaves your home uncontrollably through penetrations, cracks, and openings.  Air leakage can damage your home, increase energy costs and make a room uncomfortable. For this project, we air sealed all penetrations to ensure a good air seal.

Upgraded the Insulation on the Hatch Lid

Attic hatches can cause air leaks and radiant heat loss if not fixed. The attic hatch is usually located in a hallway or closet. We upgraded the insulation on the hatch lid for this project.

Choose Reitzel Insulation

If you are experiencing issues with your insulation, we recommend that you get a free in-home estimate. We have various methods to upgrade your insulation and provide efficient air sealing. At Reitzel, our in-home assessments are free. We provide service throughout the Waterloo, Hamilton, and the Toronto Area. We are best known for our reputation for delivering quality work and our outstanding customer service and support.

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