Older Home Insulation Made Easy by Drilling and Filling with Spray Foam

Older Home Insulation Made Easy by Drilling and Filling with Spray Foam

Old houses appeal because of their beauty and traditional appearance. Do you live in a 40 or more years older home and struggle with heating and cooling problems? Older homes radiate beauty but can get uncomfortably drafty in cold months. Buying an old home is not a bad idea at all. It is possible to upgrade old houses in various ways; without disturbing their charm and attractiveness. The question on your mind is: how I can insulate my old house without tearing down walls. How to do insulation in an old house inexpensively? You can ask a professional home insulation company to assess the condition of your old house and recommend the best insulation material and method.  

Drilling and filling with spray foam is a good approach for insulating an old home for the following reasons. 

Minimal Disruption

You love your old home because of its unique architecture, elegant structure and spacious rooms. Therefore, when it comes to remodelling, whether a small one or a large project like home insulation, you become extra careful. That's why we are here to guide you. An experienced insulation company can give you all the essential details and facts before home insulation. For instance, if your house has lead-based paint, it has plaster walls and other mentions critical for perfect insulation. Drilling and filling with spray foam is easy and involves minimal disruption. Before drilling holes, remove the weather barrier, then blow the foam to seal the drill holes. Drilling and filling with spray foam is an ideal choice for older homes. 

Complete Seal

Spray foam is an ideal sealing and insulation product. The application of spray foam is easy, and it conforms to the surface where applied. Spray foam is liquid on the application that enters the gaps, creaks and corners. Spray foam seals crawlspaces, minute gaps and wall cavities effectively. The benefits of drill and spray foam filling include energy-saving and soundproofing. It limits air movement and infiltration across the home. Complete sealing prevents energy wastage, pollutant and allergens intrusion and makes a house a comfortable place to live.  

Quality Control

Drill and fill spray foam is a go-to solution to insulate and fill gaps in the walls, windows and doors. Spray foam minimizes the entry of insects, pollutants, and dust particles which improves the quality of air indoor. This type of insulation also prevents the entry of rodents and insects; limits the need for insecticide and pesticide use in the house. Spray foam improves the quality of the internal environment, and specialists recommend it for allergy, chemical sensitization, and asthma prevention. Drill and fill spray foam prevents moisture build-up and mould growth in the house - thus, indoor air is better and health-friendly. 

Source of Comfort

Homes (especially older homes) face comfort issues like increased heating costs, HVAC overload, uneven cooling and heating, and overall, a cold house. Old houses, those built before 1960, do not have the proper insulation in the walls. To fill drafty and cold walls - drill and fill spray foam is an excellent choice. It is an effective insulation method for existing walls. Put the holes in the wall via drilling, loose-fill spray foam into empty cavities. Insulation into the interior and exterior walls keeps the older home cold in summer, warmer in winter and improves sound control in the house.  

Lowers the Energy Costs

Insulating old homes by drilling and filling with spray foam can save you 25-40% in energy loss. The empty cavities in the walls of the old home keep your house colder; filling in the holes with spray foam insulation prevents around 40% energy loss. Air leakage through cracks and holes increases the cost of heating massively in winters and the cost of cooling in the summers. Professional insulation contractors can 'drill and fill' the existing walls of your old home in a mess-free and efficient manner. 

Employ Reitzel Insulation to drill and fill insulate your home; we deliver you a perfect insulation job. After completing the job, our installers use a thermal imaging camera to ensure that insulation fills all the gaps.

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