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No More Icicles

Icicles hanging from rooftops create beautiful winter scenes, but they indicate a concealed problem with home insulation and ventilation. Icicle formation on the roof is an indication of heat leaks from the attic. Ice dams are caused by the underlayer of snow that starts to melt when heat leaks from your attic - ice dams lead to icicles formation.  

How to Prevent Icicle Formation?

Cold weather conditions cause icicle formation when the snow melts and refreezes, or water drips from a roof. It is true that icicles look beautiful, but they can also be dangerous and cause damage to your home in Waterloo. It is, therefore, essential to take measures to prevent icicle formation in the first place. If you want to know how to stop icicles from forming on your roof? This article is for you; read on to learn effective ways to prevent icicle formation.  

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Renovate the Attic

Depending on the specific renovations you choose, an attic renovation can prevent icicle formation. As icicles form due to the warm air leaking from the living room below the attic. You can add ventilation to the attic to regulate the temperature inside the attic. By keeping the attic temperature closer to the outside temperature, you can reduce the chance of snow melting on the roof. Add weatherstripping around doors and windows to seal them to avoid drafts completely.  

Improve Attic Insulation

Adding insulation to your attic can reduce your home's energy costs and improve its efficiency. It will also prevent the formation of icicles. Your attic will be the same temperature as the outside air if you have proper insulation. Keeping your attic at a balanced temperature is achieved with ridge and soffit vents, which allow air to circulate and prevent ice dams.

Additionally, insulating ductwork or pipes that pass through the attic will prevent icicles from forming. 

Seal leaks Around the Heating System

Warm air leaking from your heat source can cause many problems. It will increase energy bills, reduce equipment efficiency and contribute to ice dams and icicle forming. It is important to stop air leakage from your heat sources, such as your chimney or flue, as it will warm the underside of your roof. Vents from your kitchen or dryer also add moisture to your attic. Ensure that those vents exhaust to the outside rather than into your attic. 

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Add a Vapour Barrier

The snow melts and drips down from the roof to the colder eaves or gutters; it refreezes. Warm air escaping from the interior of a building typically forms icicles. A vapour barrier can reduce the likelihood of icicle formation by reducing the amount of moisture that reaches the underside of the roof. The vapour barrier helps in preventing icicle formation up to a certain extent. It can prevent the movement of warm, moist air from the interior of a building into the attic or roof space. 

Contact Reitzel Insulation

Additionally, the sun's heat also contributes to snow melting off your roof, so you cannot avoid some icicle formations. The experts at Reitzel Insulation can assist you in preventing large, damaging icicles and maintaining safety in your attic and roof. We handle all projects with the same commitment and excellent professionalism, whether they involve an attic, crawlspace, or an entire house. Feel free to get the best insulation solutions in Waterloo, ON.


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