Is Spray Foam Safe to be Installed in My Home?

Is Spray Foam Safe to be Installed in My Home?

Spray foam insulation is the most popular insulation material for home insulation. However, many property owners ask this question Is spray foam insulation safe? After all, it is well known that chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients are used in the production of spray foam insulation. So how is it safe for people who want to use spray foam to insulate their homes?  

Spray foam insulation is still one of the most used types of insulation for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities despite the occasionally unfavourable comments of uneducated or incorrectly informed people. It is so good at sealing up all potential air leaks leading to significant energy savings and increased interior comfort. You are probably discovering conflicting information about spray foam insulation safety while looking into insulation for your home. Reitzel Insulation is here to answer all your questions regarding spray foam insulation safety.  

Why is Spray Foam Insulation Considered Unsafe?

Parts of spray foam insulation comprise specific chemicals, due to which some people think spray foam is harmful. Spray foam is unsafe under certain circumstances where you have to remain careful. For instance, plumbers, electricians, and other maintenance personnel shouldn't heat or grind spray foam. Under these conditions, hazardous emissions from spray foam may occur. Spray foam as insulation material offers several benefits and cannot be ruled out over a few side effects. Especially, when these can be controlled. 

Spray foam insulation is secure for all types of properties when put correctly. We recognize that this may not completely relieve your concerns about the safety of spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is secure and should not adversely affect your health or even the structure of your home after it has been cured. It is crucial that you hire a certified insulation contractor to put this kind of insulation in your home.  

Is Spray Foam Insulation Inflammable?

Due to its flammability, it is better to handle this insulation material carefully. The spray foam material can catch fire when exposed to a sufficient heat source. An insulation material needs to have a fire rating to determine how long it can withstand a fire resistance test.  Insulation materials having a smoke generation rating of less than 450 and a flame spread index of 25 or less are assigned the Class One Fire Rating. The insulation is the most fire-resistant but not fireproof. During a fire, spray foam will not act as a catalyst to increase the fire. When the fire source is removed, it will self-extinguish. This shows that spray foam insulation is safe for use, given that it is installed correctly by a professional.  

Acquire Services of Licensed Insulation Contractors

The most important thing is to find a quality contractor to complete insulate with spray foam. Be sure to research professional insulation contractors and ask whether they are insured. Ask the product that they are going to use and whether their installers are certified or not. You need to know that the company that is coming to complete the work in your home is trusted and has a proven track record.  

Despite the fact that this kind of insulation has been around for a while, mixing, proportioning, and actual application can still be challenging. Therefore, occasionally there are still some failed ventures. Choose a qualified and professional contractor for this type of insulation to get the best insulation results with guaranteed safety. 

Reitzel Insulation is fully certified, insured and up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques. We have been in business for more than 46 years. Give your trusted insulation contractor a call today! We provide free on-site estimates! 1-800-265-8869. 

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