Install the Latest Product for the Best Home Insulation Southwestern Ontario!

Install the Latest Product for the Best Home Insulation Southwestern Ontario!

Check out the absolute latest and innovative product that Reitzel Insulation is bringing to homes across Southern Ontario. Call now for a free estimate!

High quality building insulation is one of the key factors to make your home comfortable and cozy through the year. Good insulation keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer by preventing heat loss or gain.

It is important to have your home in Brampton, Mississauga or Burlington well insulated with innovative and weather-efficient material, to maintain optimum internal temperature. Home insulation is not something that you replace frequently. It is prudent to do your research and identify a product that is not only good, but also environment friendly.

One such pioneering product offered by Reitzel Insulation is Wrapsulate Foam Jacket. A result of extensive research, this product comes from the knowledge gained by years of experience working with a variety of construction materials. Forward looking companies such as Reitzel have trained their employees to install this new material and get your home insulation working to its best potential. 


Wrapsulate is a new, first-of-its-kind water blown polyurethane foam insulation manufactured by a Canadian company, approved by Canadian Constructions Materials Center (CCMC). Though it shares a few physical traits with other construction products, it is unique because of its open-cell spray polyurethane foam that can be used in exterior applications.

When applied on exterior walls, Wrapsulate creates a “Foam Jacket" around the structure. This Foam jacket provides four basic control functions that are considered essential for the best insulation.

Four Basic Control Factors that Wrapsulate Addresses

  • Water management: Wrapsulate provides a water controlling layer and continuous drainage over the surface that resists water penetration under high pressure. Even if there is any water on its surface, the foam jacket sheds it off rapidly.
  • Eco-friendly Thermal Control: The technology creates a continuous insulation layer over the building, with very low potential to emit heat, thus minimizing the impact on global warming. The water-blown foam insulation provides good thermal resistance – preventing heat loss - which accounts for the lowest possible ozone depletion score.
  • Seamless Air Flow: The foam jacket provides a perfect, flawless air barrier when applied at the thicknesses of over 1.5 inches. It bonds extremely well to most substrates and efficiently seals small holes and cracks, leaving no pores for air to flow through.
  • Vapour Control: The product has relatively high water vapour permeance. This means that it restricts movement of air through it, allowing built-in moisture or water vapour to diffuse, helping the wall assembly to dry fast. 

At Reitzel, we are always exploring the market for new, innovative products to ensure you get the best value. Talk to our trained installers to know more about Wrapsulate and how we can help you get the best insulation for your home.

Our team at Reitzel Insulation can conduct a home inspection and give you details of different products to help you decide on the right insulation. Check out our page here to see if you qualify for a discount. You may reach us by filling out our online contact form or call us at 226-241-9991 for a free quote.

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