How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills During an Energy Crisis

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills During an Energy Crisis

Price hikes in gas and fuel are worrying many homeowners in Canada. The recent energy crisis is also worsening the situation. Many citizens are struggling to find a solution to this issue. Are you looking for ways to save money on electricity and gas bills? People are exploring renewable energy options as an alternative to electricity and gas-based systems. However, renewable systems are not yet sufficiently available, and installation expenditures are high. Reitzel Insulation is here to help you! We got you covered - we have compiled a list of strategies or approaches that you can opt to save money on energy bills. 

Proper home insulation can solve issues such as poor heating/cooling problems and increased heating and cooling costs. A well-insulated home will definitely save money on bills. Here is what you can do: 

Upgrade Your Home Insulation

Heat losses are causing your heating system to overwork to keep the house at a favourable temperature. To save money on energy bills, evaluate the condition of your home insulation and get an insulation upgrade when needed. For most homeowners, improving a home with inadequate insulation is well worth the cost. It's an improvement that will save money on energy costs and increase the value of your home, plus it has the added advantage of lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reduce Gaps in Floor Boards

The heating or cooling produced by your HVAC system can be lost through the floor if the floorboards are not perfectly fitted. Up to 20 percent of heat from a room can escape through gaps in poorly fitting flooring. Filling these gaps with rubber tubing or even a piece of thread can be helpful. To really seal the deal, consider insulating your floor

Stop Draughts

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to conserve energy and money is to prevent heat from escaping via unexpected cracks. The first step in draught-proofing your property is to locate the"problem spots" where draughts are creating problems. These areas may include doors, flooring, windows, and chimneys. Draught-proofing strips around your windows and doors and flexible silicone-based filler can be used to close up any gaps you don't want to have there.  Also, consider insulation for your windows and doors.

Installing insulation or draught-proofing will limit heat loss, keeping your energy costs low. Your home can be insulated in various quick and easy ways that minimize heat loss while cutting your heating costs considerably. The frequency and length of time you use your home's heating and cooling systems are reduced by insulation. One of the most economical ways to make your home energy-efficient all year round is insulation. 

Seek help from the best Waterloo insulation contractorReitzel Insulation. We offer high-quality insulation services based on our over 46 years of experience. Use our on-site estimate services to identify the gaps and holes in your previous insulation. You can also acquire our insulation services for the best results and save money on energy bills.  

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