Home Insulation Winter Vs Summer 2022

Home Insulation Winter Vs Summer 2022

Some homeowners are under the misconception that insulation is only essential for the winter months of the year.  However, insulation works the same in both winter and summer. It helps to keeps your home's temperature comfortable throughout the year. Insulation is designed to block air movement and prevent heat transfer. During the winter months, good insulation will prevent warm air from leaking outside, and in summer, it will eliminate warm air from getting inside.  Homes without proper insulation can lose up to fifty percent of the energy that is used to heat or cool their homes. 

How it Works

A properly insulated home with the roof, walls, and basement insulated will protect against heated air from escaping during winter. While during the summer, it does the opposite and protects against cooled air from escaping.

Good insulation can reduce heating costs and keep things cool inside without overusing the HVAC, which turns into energy savings all summer long. 

Signs of Insulation Problems Throughout the Year

There are clear signs of insulation problems in homes when homeowners complain about cold floors and walls that are cold.  There could be rooms where heating levels are irregular and notice that the heating bill costs more than usual. During the summer, you may feel that areas in the home are scorching. Your energy bill in the summer will be higher because your HVAC system is being overworked.  Choosing a higher R-Value is ideal for solving insulation issues because it provides more resistance to air movement in summer and winter. Optimum energy performance is when your home is adequately sealed, insulated, and ventilated.  Nowadays, it's about saving energy and money. Making your home energy efficient has become critical to many homeowners.  

The Solution to Insulation Issues

For some homes, the attic is the ideal place to install insulation. Your best return-on-investment will be to consider using spray foam insulation or loose-fill insulation.  Air sealing is entirely essential for your attic to perform for its maximized rated energy efficiency.  Also, consider insulating and moisture-proofing your basement walls because they experience moisture flow between the inside and outside of the house.  Keep in mind that components most basements are below grade. High-performance products may cost more, but in the long-term, the energy savings will be more significant. 

Hiring an Insulation Company

If you plan to upgrade your home insulation, the best way to get the insulation done is by a professional insulation contractor. Spray foam is the ideal solution for most homes. Spray foam is perfect for a retrofit or replacing ageing insulation. Spray foam provides high-performance benefits and accomplishes more with one application than other comparable insulation products.

Whether your project is a small attic or crawlspace or a large whole house, we do them all with the same amount of pride and top-notch professionalism. We service all over Southern Ontario, we are known for being leaders in our field when it comes to quality workmanship and cleanliness. We have a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty so you can rest easy knowing that we stand by our work!  Ask us about rebates!

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