Getting Insulation Services During COVID-19

Getting Insulation Services During COVID-19

What measures should I take before insulating my home during COVID-19? That is probably the question that brought you here. If you are worried about getting home insulation without catching the virus, we offer you help. Home insulation services are your unavoidable need. You can limit other activities like shopping and hoteling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is hard to survive in a house cold in winters and hot in summers.  

Worry not - this comprehensive guide will help you carry out safe home insulation during this pandemic. Here is how you can achieve home insulation safely. Hire an experienced and responsible insulation company that follows COVID-19 regulations. Check with your insulation company about COVID protocols, disinfection, a good supply of cleaning products. Keep reading to get more valuable tips for your health and safety. 

Everyone must Wear Mask

Health officials say any mask is better than no mask. We observed a strong emphasis on mask-wearing by the government and health officials throughout the pandemic. With safety masks, you can insulate your house and make it warm and cozy regardless of the looming virus threats. If you hire professional insulators, they will definitely come wearing masks. But for any situation, you should keep extra face masks to give to the workers and everyone else at home.  

Beware of COVID Symptoms

It is crucial to avoid contact with people with Covid symptoms. If you feel like having COVID symptoms, do not call the insulators. Beginning the insulation process means there will be more people in the house. This can pose serious health risks for you and for others. Be careful about your recent travel history or contact with people with symptoms. The same goes for your insulation. They should not be showing signs of Covid-19.  

Provide Sanitizing Products

Products required for sanitization should be readily available at your home. Invite insulators to use hand sanitizers, hand wash and hand towels when they enter your home. Practice frequent hand washes while outsiders work in your home and even after that. Provide the workers with alcohol-based disinfectants to sanitize their equipment. Especially anything that comes in direct contact with surfaces because the virus can live there for days.  

Avoid Installation Crew

Diligence from your end and on the contractors' side is of paramount importance - during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting insulation was unavoidable for you, and now you have started the home insulation contract. Here is what you can do to ensure protection from Coronavirus. Avoid frequent contact with the installation crew. Spray foam insulation and other forms of insulation were safe, and you stayed indoors. However, COVID is different. It spreads when humans come into direct contact. Therefore, you should avoid unnecessary contact with the crew.  

Postpone the Project

Can you delay the insulation? If you can, go for it. It is better not to start insulation during the peak of the COVID-19 wave. During the wave peak, the virus spreads at higher rates. Covid-19 regulations state you maintain a social distance of 5 meters. Crew members and the rest of the family members will make the space crowded. Whenever someone is a non-symptomatic carrier, the others will be exposed to infection. Therefore, you should postpone the date and wait for things to improve.  

Allow Limited People in a Room

Another strategy you can adapt to conduct safe and healthy home insulation is to allow only a limited number of people per room. The COVID-19 virus, Coronavirus, spreads from one human to another human. You should avoid unnecessary contact and talk to reduce physical contact. By limiting the number of people in each room, you remove the risk of viral spread.  

Professional Insulation by Reitzel 

We give you a site clean-up and complete disinfection after the completion of insulation. Reitzel Insulation practices all government COVID recommendations and protocols to protect our customers and insulation crew.

Please contact us at 1-800-265-8869. 



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