Get The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

Get The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

Reducing carbon footprint and saving on energy bills is always a win! You can acquire Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) by making energy-efficient upgrades to your home. The program is designed to help homeowners reduce fossil fuel consumption by adopting renewable energy systems and contributing to climate protection. 

Canada's Greener Homes Grant has partnered with Enbridge Gas to provide rebates for eligible retrofits like windows, doors, insulation, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems. The new, coordinated Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program will help more Ontarians save energy at home. 

HER+ Program Update: What's New?

In HER+, only one retrofit upgrade is enough to qualify for rebates. Previous energy programs required multiple upgrades to qualify for rebates. With the launch of Home Efficiency Rebate Plus, the rebate amounts available for all rebate packages have been updated and differ from those previously available. New eligibility criteria are also in place for rebates.  

Two rebate options are available through the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program

Rebate Package A: Enbridge customers can receive up to $10,000 rebates. Enbridge Gas and the Government of Canada are funding this rebate package.

Rebate Package B: Non-Enbridge customers can receive up to $5,000 rebates. The Government of Canada's Greener Homes Grant funds this rebate package. 

What are the HER+ Eligibility Requirements?

There are some restrictions on the HER+ program, and the eligibility requirements and rebate amounts may vary from area to area. Contact your government agency to determine if the program is available in your area.

The following types of properties qualify for the HER+ Rebate.

A home owned by Enbridge Gas's customers, and they live there as their primary residence.

Enbridge Gas customers who own a residence and tenants live there. 

Homeowners who do not heat their homes with Enbridge Gas are also eligible for rebates.

Rebates are also available to owners of low-rise, multi-residential, and mixed-use properties.

The following types of properties do not qualify for the HER+ Rebate.

A home that is not the owner's primary residence and does not have an active Enbridge Gas account.

More than three storeys or 600 sq. m. multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs).

Homes or buildings that were built less than six months ago. 

How Can You Get HER + in Ontario?

Upgrades such as insulation, windows, doors, and HVAC systems are usually eligible for rebates. In most cases, rebates cover a significant portion of the cost of upgrades, depending on the specific upgrades made.

Homeowners participating in the HER+ program will be required to have a home energy audit conducted by a certified energy advisor. With the help of the energy advisor, the home's energy efficiency will be assessed, and upgrades that may be eligible for rebates will be recommended. Homeowners can apply for rebates once they have completed the upgrades.

EnerGuide evaluations should be conducted before and after retrofits. Ensure that at least one retrofit is completed according to the recommendations in their report by their energy advisor. Reimbursement will only be provided to homeowners who perform at least one retrofit. 

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