Five Tips to Cut Energy Use and Save the Planet

Five Tips to Cut Energy Use and Save the Planet

Cutting the energy usage will save you on the bills, and it is also good for the environment. You are here to search for ways to cut energy use. Reitzel insulation has the answer to your question. We will share helpful ways in which you can reduce energy usage. Well-insulated homes and buildings easily save money and help the environment because less energy is used for heating or cooling. When you use less energy, you help limit the number of hazardous fumes generated by power plants and protect ecosystems. Through a substantial reduction in power usage, you make the planet a better and happier place. 

Lower Your Thermostat Temperature

Most of the energy consumption in our households takes place for heating purposes. Lower the temperature of your thermostat by 1 degree and see how it affects the overall temperature of your house. There are two benefits to doing this: 1. reduced energy usage 2. lesser fluctuations in temperature. In case you are going out of the house for 8 hours or more, it is best to turn down the thermostat. You can go as much as 5 to 10 degrees, this will keep your house at moderate temperature while saving lots on energy bills.  

Close all the Draughts

Gaps and holes in your windows, doors, and walls allow cold air into your home. You lose heat through these holes and chimney openings. Using draught excluders, foam strips, and chimney balloons, you can prevent cold air from entering your home. These are simple to install because they include self-adhesive strips. They are inexpensive to purchase and make a significant difference. If your floor is exceptionally draughty, filling the gaps with filler and covering them with rugs are easy repairs.  

Insulate the Roof

Properly insulated floors, walls and roofs reduce the energy used for keeping the indoor air warm or cool. One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep heat in is to insulate the roof. Because heat rises, roof insulation is especially vital in cold areas to retain warm air inside the house. You can consult with a professional insulation contractor to know the ideal roof insulation approach. 

Seal Air Leaks in Walls

The barrier that stops the inner and outside air temperatures from equalizing is your home's outer shell, walls and roof. Your heating and cooling systems will use less energy if your walls are well insulated. It is possible to insulate walls to minimize heat loss regardless of how old your house is, the structure, or the materials used. Even insulated walls can lose heated or cooled air through cracks and gaps around windows and doors. To save energy, caulk and weather-strip air leaks in your home.  

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

When you implement all the above strategies, your home's energy efficiency increases many folds. Here is some extra suggestion to make your home highly energy efficient. Old boilers are less efficient and lose a lot of heat. Upgrading to a modern model will save you money on energy and help the environment by lowering your home's carbon dioxide emissions. Other measures such as installing solar panels will provide inexpensive and environmentally friendly energy. Furthermore, you can limit the usage of space heaters, replace incandescent bulbs, and unplug any chargers that are not in use.  

Reitzel Insulation, the best insulation company in Kitchener-Waterloo, provides effective solutions for insulation problems. We are the ideal pick if you plan to transform your house into a more energy-efficient and environment-friendly one. 

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