Five Reasons to Insulate Your Floors in 2023

Five Reasons to Insulate Your Floors in 2023

Heating and cooling costs become unbearable in the absence of insulation, for heat and cool air constantly disappears through the floor. The bills for heating and cooling services might be putting a dent in your finances. Insulation of the floor along with the walls and attics is a solution for this problem. Around 10% of heat loss in your home occurs through the floor. Here are five reasons your house floor needs insulation. 

Insulating Floors Reduces Drafts

Drafts cause heat loss and air quality compromise inside your home - it is worth it to insulate under floorboards. Cold drafts form on the floor when warm air rises, and cool air takes its space. To resolve this issue: the ideal strategy is to add underfloor insulation for your home. It reduces drafts by removing the gap between the floor and the ground. A local insulation contractor can guide you about the most suitable method and material for the floor insulation of your home.  

Prevents Heat Loss

Underfloor insulation aids you win over the heat loss battle. Insulation will obstruct unwanted temperature changes; this helps avoid excessive energy consumption for heating your home. Floor material impacts how heat and cold conduct through the floor - hardwood floors are susceptible to heat loss. By preventing underfloor heat loss, homeowners can save 10% on energy bills. In addition to savings, floor insulation provides thermal comfort.   

Helps Avoid Pipe Freezing

Several floor insulation options enable protection against the freezing of pipes - for instance, spray foam insulation is a good option. An insulation layer between the water pipes and the floor and in-between the water pipes mitigate the chances of pipe burst in winter. Insulation helps in keeping the water pipe's temperature closer to the temperature of the water inside it. Floor insulation not only prevents water pipe burst; but also stops heat loss and keeps water warm. Therefore, the benefits of floor insulation are greater than floor insulation costs. 

Insulated Flooring Enables Soundproofing

Residents of the home located on the busier street or rushy road complain about the noise. Insulation of floors complements the home soundproofing plan; this synergizes the benefits of insulation. Insulation fills the joist spaces between the floor and slows the transmission of sounds. You can enquire a professional insulation contractor about the ideal material for floor insulation.  


The advantages of floor insulation (mentioned above) outweigh the costs. Homeowners with an unheated basement can benefit from underfloor insulation as a cheaper alternative. Ensure underfloor insulation seals any joists and cracks in the floor between heated and unheated rooms - this prevents heat transmission towards the cold rooms. Insulation beneath raised floors or between the first floor and basement helps maintain the interior temperature - thus beneficial both in winters and summers. 

You can contact a contractor and ask them for an affordable insulation plan for your home. If you face troubles in keeping your house warm, this indicates you need new insulation.  

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