Does Insulation Make My Home Warmer or Colder?

Does Insulation Make My Home Warmer or Colder?

Do you wonder what role insulation plays in maintaining the temperature inside your house? You might have read or heard from sources that installing insulation is the best thing you will do for your home. Indeed, insulation improves comfort in all weathers. Insulation is an internal coating of material in your walls, ceiling, floor, and roof that helps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. As it keeps your house warmer in winters and colder in summers. This function has one condition that is that it works in conjunction with your home's cooling and heating systems.  

Insulation Lowers Heat Flow and Energy Costs

A heating system must replace the heat lost in the winter, while a cooling system must remove the heat gained in the summer. When you insulate your home, you will reduce this heat flow by creating resistance to the heat flow. Insulation materials prevent conductive heat loss. Conductive heat loss occurs when excessive heat is lost through materials due to the temperature difference between two surfaces. 

Rather than"heating" a space, insulation limits the heat flow through the walls, ceilings and floors. Heat usually moves from warmer to colder areas until no temperature difference exists; proper insulation will slow down this transfer. Home insulation will keep your house both warm and cold. Insulation traps small air molecules that prevent excessive heat transfer and lower heating and cooling costs.  

Proper Heating and Cooling System Strengthen the Role of Insulation

You could put as much insulation into your home as you want, if you don't have the proper heating and cooling system to work side by side - the cold in the winter or heat in the summer will get in. Insulation and HVAC system work hand in hand. An HVAC will have to work extra hours to keep the house cool or hot if your home lacks proper insulation. Your HVAC system will have to work less because insulation prevents air from leaving your home. 

If you are planning home re-insulation or renovation - you might need to consider a new HVAC system. As your current HVAC is accustomed to the leaky and partially insulated house. Smaller HVAC systems are often required in well-insulated homes with little air leakage. Once the air gets in it will take longer to get out as well. When you are looking to complete your home renovation in the near future, you need to consider how your home is heated/cooled and ensure that your insulation accommodates the system!   

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