Consider Professional Insulation Removal Services for Rodent Infestation

Consider Professional Insulation Removal Services for Rodent Infestation

Are you noticing changes like rodent damage, mould growth, moisture or others in your insulation? These are signs that indicate you need to change your home insulation. Rodent infestation can happen anywhere in your home. Still, it is common in the attic because it provides the perfect habitat for rodents. Rodent infestation causes multiple health risks; therefore, it is better to act immediately in removing infested insulation. It is better to use the services of a professional insulation removal company, like Reitzel Insulation, to save time and do it properly. This article will explain the harmful impacts of rodent infestation and the insulation removal process needed to eliminate this problem.  

Contaminate Insulation 

Rodents find insulation in the attic warm and dry place to live. Given the favourable conditions in the attic, animals—whether small like mice or huge like raccoons—frequently choose attics as a base to give birth to and rear their young. Rats, opossums, squirrels and raccoons in your attic contaminate the area with their feces and urine. These contaminants can move through the air in the dust even if you don't touch them. Rodent droppings and urine left in your insulation are significant health risks. It is impossible to remove these impurities while the insulation is still in place.  

Trample and Damage the Insulation

Attics with rodent infestations have insulation that has been stepped on and damaged. Rodent infestation compromises the installed insulation. Pests tear the insulation for nesting, leaving behind holes. The insulation no longer remains capable of insulating to its fuller capacity. Consequently, your energy expenditures will increase as keeping a poorly insulated house warm or cool is hard. You must hire a reputable wildlife removal agency to check your attic for damage if you have experienced a rodent invasion. 

Dangerous for Human Health

Health hazards are the most significant reason to recommend completely removing rodent-infested insulation. Multiple health issues can arise because of rodent infestation in your house. Rat-bite fever, Lassa fever, parasites, plague, and leptospirosis are some of the health problems associated with this situation.  

How does a Professional Insulation Removal Service Provider Help You?

Complete insulation removal is necessary when you discover rodent infestation in your home. If you think you can remove it yourself and want to do it yourself, we suggest not to. We highly recommend having your old insulation removed and replaced by professionals who know the technique and have the equipment to do it. They are well-prepared to remove problematic insulation from the rodent-infested portions without contaminating the other areas of your house. We recommend that you don't do it yourself because rodent-borne viruses pose another health risk. 

Professionals first cover the surfaces with plastic sheeting to prevent the infestation spread. To protect your furniture and other valuables from being damaged by contaminated insulation, they will carefully remove them. Professional insulation removal service providers have the equipment to remove different types of insulation with equal efficiency. A powerful vacuum draws blown-in insulation from your home, transporting it to a secured container outside. The roll of batt insulation is folded up and put into an insulation removal bag. After that, this bag is taken off-site and discarded.


In conclusion, only a professional has the knowledge and skill to effectively remove infested insulation from your house. Following the attic insulation removal, they vacuum the entire attic area to eliminate all trash and mouse excrement. After finishing this procedure, they prepare your attic for decontamination, rodent proofing, and the addition of new insulation. 

Choose Reitzel Insulation 

Reitzel Insulation knows insulation inside and out. We have the knowledge, know-how, and equipment to complete insulation removal safely and efficiently.

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