Common Attic Insulation Problems

Common Attic Insulation Problems

Did you know that a mere 5% loss of insulation in your attic equals a 54% drop in R-value? In addition, insulation material only provides its advertised R-value when it’s properly installed. Here are some common attic insulation problems to be on the lookout for.

Not enough insulation

A lack of insulation is actually the most common issue with attics. Generally speaking, construction completed between the early 1980s and 2000s tends to have sub-par insulation, especially if the type used is blown-in or spray insulation. Contractors often lacked proper training and experience and the end result was insulation that doesn’t perform the way it should. In addition, homes built in the 60s and 70s, before energy conservation was a huge concern, are likely to require additional insulation.

Missed rooms

Insulation installers who are unfamiliar with the house can sometimes entirely miss a room(for instance, by assuming that the area was simply part of the uninsulated garage). When shopping for an insulation contractor, make sure they take the time to become entirely familiar with the building and its layout.

Knee walls

Knee walls are short walls that stand between the house’s ceiling and the attic. They’re often the result of a change in ceiling height. Skylight wells also create this kind of wall. Failing to properly insulate knee walls results in areas of exposed sheetrock, which seriously decreases the effectiveness of the surrounding insulation.

Poorly installed batts

Batt insulation is only as good as the people installing it. If it’s misaligned or not installed tight against the sheetrock, then air will get around it and the insulation won’t be able to achieve its advertised R-value.

Disrupted insulation

Even if you almost never go to the attic, electricians, HVAC technicians and other tradespeople are likely to visit it from time to time. It’s actually very common for them to disrupt your insulation, especially since they often have to do it to perform their work. The problem begins when they don’t think to notify you about it, or they simply don’t realize they’ve seriously compromised the effectiveness of your attic insulation.

Hire an insulation contractor in Toronto

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