Choosing the Right Insulation for Every Part of Your Home

Choosing the Right Insulation for Every Part of Your Home

Thinking about remodelling your home? If so, use the opportunity to upgrade your insulation. Installing a material with a higher R-value will keep your home’s temperature more comfortable and lower your heating bills.

What’s R-value?

Heat flows from warm areas to cool areas until both spaces are at the same temperature. R-value is the measurement of how much a material blocks this flow. The higher the value, the better the product will insulate.

Best insulation for any renovation project

Upgrading insulation with a higher R-value will make your home more comfortable and lower your utility bills. These are the areas in your home where insulation is most beneficial.

  • The basement
    If you’re finishing a basement for the first time, installing interior insulation in the walls will keep the space comfortable, dry and free of pests. Most types are acceptable for interior basement walls.

  • The exterior walls
    If you’re installing new siding, take advantage of having the old stuff removed to install new, more efficient exterior wall insulation. Think of this stuff as a warm wool sweater for your whole home. Don’t neglect to add a vapour barrier, which will stop moisture from getting into the walls.

  • The attic and roof
    Since heat rises, attic and roof insulation is especially important. The type you use will depend on if your home has an attic area, or if there’s a cathedral ceiling. Once again, don’t forget a vapour barrier.

  • The interior walls and floors
    Interior wall and floor insulation will help keep rooms comfortable and provide sound-dampening benefits. While you’re opening walls, look at your current duct insulation. If you have ducts in uninsulated walls or ceilings, insulate them.

  • The foundation
    If you’re exposing your foundation for any reason, use the opportunity to add modern insulation materials. Not only will this keep the temperature in your home stable, but it’ll also protect your foundation from moisture and pests for years to come.

Home insulation in Waterloo

Don’t do a major renovation on your home without considering the insulation. Reitzel Insulation has the expertise and tools to complete any insulation project. We can help you choose the insulation type and material that will provide you with the protection your Ontario home needs. Call us today to find out more.


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