Can you spray foam insulation over mold?

Can you spray foam insulation over mold?

The answer is no!

Spraying foam insulation over mold does not help get rid of the mold issue.

Spray foam can kill mold, because spray foam creates an air seal and will deprive mold of moisture and oxygen and prevent any future growth. However, the mold becomes dormant.

Attics with insufficient insulation and inadequate ventilation are an ideal breeding ground for mold.  Moisture build-up is a common reason in cooler climates like Ontario. Unfortunately, up to 40 percent of all heat loss is by the roof. The temperature is different from the outside air when the heat rises into the attic. Condensation forms on the roof deck when there is a temperature difference.  The condensation becomes the mold's food source.

It is highly recommended that homeowners look at their attics on a regular basis to ensure their insulation is still removing warm air.

It is ideal to remove old moldly insulation and replace it with new insulation. Spray foam insulation can be ideal for most attics and roofs.

Another issue faced by homeowners is bathroom extraction fans. Mainly when they become disconnected and are no longer removing that warm, humid air, many times this is directly vented straight into the attic, causing mold issues. 

Keep in mind that mold remediation can be expensive, depending on the severity of the mold infestation.

Having a healthy home is necessary. The energy-efficient and comfortability are both additional bonuses.  Stopping mold should be your top priority.

We recommend using foam insulation throughout your home which is great at fighting mold issues, and it also reduces other airborne allergens and pollutants from getting inside your house.

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