Can Insulation Help With Sustainability?

Can Insulation Help With Sustainability?

An energy-efficient home can be created with reliable, professional insulation. We at Reitzel Insulation believe it is our duty to provide information about insulation products and services that will contribute to a more sustainable environment, whether through improved home energy efficiency or by using sustainable building materials in a building.

Sustainability has many definitions and paths. For example, a sustainable home could be constructed using top-of-the-line insulation and air-sealing techniques to achieve an extremely high level of energy efficiency. Net Zero or Passivhaus are labels often given to these homes, meaning they have met all the required energy efficiency, airtightness, and solar power requirements.

In addition, you can define sustainability by the products and the construction methods used in the building itself. A sustainable insulation product may mean different things to different home and business owners. The extremely high insulating value of spray foam insulation and its superior air sealing qualities make it a sustainable insulation choice for many. Despite this fact, spray foam insulation requires various chemicals that can cause higher greenhouse gas emissions during its production compared to other insulation materials, like wool or hemp insulation. Through something called embodied carbon, which measures how much carbon a product accounts for or eliminates over its lifetime, it is possible to determine exactly how sustainable an insulation product is.

There are plenty of differences between products, and as a consumer, you may not be aware of each product's sustainability features. We can't keep track of them all! Our job is to be the experts on sustainability - it is up to us to be able to provide information on sustainable insulation options to customers, regardless of how they define sustainability.

How sustainable is spray foam insulation?

Our spray foam insulation has an extremely high thermal resistance value and excellent air sealing capabilities, making it a high-performance insulation type that can help build a building that is energy efficient. Warmth in winter and coolness in summer will make your home or business more comfortable and you will need to run the HVAC system less often. Low energy consumption and higher overall energy efficiency result in a more sustainable home.

Can Reitzel Insulation help me select sustainable products?

We are constantly improving and innovating our sustainable product offerings at Reitzel Insulation. Over the course of our 46 years in the construction industry, we have observed large changes in the industry regarding sustainability. Reitzel Insulation continues to strive to be an industry leader in sustainability. Our goal is to identify, source, and provide insulation materials that are sustainable in both production and performance.

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