5 Signs You Need New Window And Door Insulation

5 Signs You Need New Window And Door Insulation

Cold and heat can enter your home in many places, but one of the most common is through your home’s entryways. Without proper window and door insulation, your house is susceptible to drafts.

Wondering if you need to insulate your entryways?

Five signs that your home needs new window and door insulation:

Chilly drafts 

If certain parts of your home feel colder than others, or if you can feel a breeze when sitting in front of a window, there’s a good chance that cold air is getting in through the windows.

High energy bills

If your window and door insulation are adequate, it will be harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This will cause you to turn up the heat or air conditioner and ultimately inflate the costs of your utility bills.

Dust and pests inside your home

Air isn’t the only thing that insulation keeps out. Dust, pollen and insects can sneak into your home through tiny cracks and crevices around your doors and windows. If you see a rise in the number of insects in your home, or if you’re having a hard time keeping your furniture free of dust, you may need to re-insulate your doors and windows.

Ice dams

Warm air leaking out of your doors and windows can rise and melt the bottom layer of snow on your roof. The melted snow will drip towards your gutters, and when it reaches the cold air, it will freeze again. This cycle can repeat itself throughout the winter, creating large icicles and ice dams, which are likely to damage your roof and eavestroughs.

Outside noise

While it’s pleasant to hear the birds chirping in the morning, you don’t want to hear everything that happens outside your home. If you can listen in on conversations taking place outside your windows, you may need new insulation.

The difference between caulking and insulating your windows and doors

Many homeowners prepare for the winter by applying fresh caulking around their windows and installing new weatherstripping. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t enough to make a big change. They may block a bit of air from getting in, but if your home’s windows and doors insulation is not insulated correctly, your efforts won’t help much.

Home insulation in Waterloo

You probably need new insulation if you are shivering near a window or door in your warm home. Reitzel Insulation uses top-quality, eco-friendly products to keep your home warm and your energy bills low. Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote.


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