5 Facts About Crawl Space Insulation

5 Facts About Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces are often overlooked by homeowners when assessing their insulation needs. This is a mistake. If ignored, a crawl space can be a significant source of drafts, dampness and mould. When properly insulated, however, a crawl space will help make your home more comfortable, safe and energy-efficient. Here are five more things you should know about insulating your crawl space.

  • It’s more convenient to insulate the walls than the ceiling of your crawl space. If you were to only insulate the floor above your crawl space, that space’s temperature would remain unregulated and it would be prone to dampness. Additionally, the pipes and ducts in your crawl space would need to be individually insulated. Therefore, insulating the walls of your crawl space is more efficient. It’s also typically easier to do and requires fewer materials than insulating a crawl space ceiling.
  • Vapour barriers are a valuable addition to any crawl space. A vapour barrier works alongside insulation to provide a similar yet distinct function. Whereas insulation primarily blocks the flow of air through your walls, a vapour barrier blocks moisture. Since crawl spaces are susceptible to condensation, some form of vapour barrier — preferably on the insulated walls and the ground — is essential in preventing mould, odours and wood rot from taking hold.
  • Spray foam is a practical option for crawl space insulation. This flexible product is ideally suited for cramped, oddly shaped spaces and provides an air-tight seal. Once it solidifies, spray foam is durable, impermeable and pest resistant. Since it’s waterproof and inorganic, spray foam also helps deter mould growth. These are all crucial features for insulation in an area of your home that’s typically damp and in close proximity to exposed dirt.
  • You can get money back for improving the insulation in your crawl space. If you’re a Union Gas or Enbridge Gas customer, you could be eligible for renovation and electric appliance rebates offered by the Ontario government. For example, you could receive a reimbursement of $800 for adding insulation with an R-value of 23 or higher to the walls of your crawl space. The federal government offers similar grants and rebates through its ecoENERGY program.
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