4 Things To Consider When Converting Your Attic

4 Things To Consider When Converting Your Attic

Attic conversions are a popular way to add living space to a home. They can be great bedrooms for kids or guests and or a cozy den for the whole family. However, converting your attic into a usable room requires a lot of planning. Here are four things you’ll need to consider.

  1. Building codes
    The specific regulations will vary depending on the municipality, but ensuring that the construction is up to code is non-negotiable. Generally speaking, most building codes will adhere to the “rule of sevens,” which specifies that at least half of the attic’s height had to be seven feet and that space must be seven feet wide and 70 square feet.

  2. Insulation
    Your attic’s insulation is always important, as that’s where the house loses a lot of its heat during the winter and it’s also the warmest part of the house in the summer. However, when thinking about converting your attic into a living space, insulation becomes crucial. You’ll need to ensure that the space is comfortable and that the insulation you use is both safe and efficient.

    If you’ve ever noticed things like ice dams forming on your roof or a spike in your power bill, chances are you’ll need to replace your existing insulation. Note that you’ll need to call a specialized insulation contractor to handle this type of job.

  3. Ventilation
    Without proper ventilation, attics can become stuffy and humid and eventually start to smell. Worse, moisture buildup can lead to mould issues and warp walls and wood frames.

    Keep in mind that ventilation is also subject to building codes, so it’s best to let your contractor handle this. Importantly, the right kind of insulation can help reduce the risk of humidity issues.

  4. Climate control
    Keeping an attic room temperature requires both heating and cooling, but you’ll need to get your contractor to perform any electrical work required. And, while your climate control system will ensure that the temperature is comfortable, the important job of keeping your power bill reasonable will once again fall to your insulation.

Insulation installers in Southern Ontario

While there are many things to consider when converting your attic, insulation is particularly important as poor insulation can lead to serious problems and make existing issues worse. To ensure your renovation project is completed properly, trust the experts at Reitzel Insulation. We have over 46 years of experience, so call us today to discuss your project and learn more about how we can help you.


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