Do I Need Crawl Space Insulation in 2022?

Do I Need Crawl Space Insulation in 2022?

A vital component of energy efficiency and home comfort is crawl space insulation. Crawl spaces are located beneath your home between the ground level and your first floor. Having crawl space insulation professionally installed can dramatically improve home comfort on every floor of your house. Also, if you have your crawl space insulation installed by a professional, your home can be protected against mould and possible water damage by reducing moisture levels, which prevents mould.

Installing crawl space insulation professionally has its benefits:

  • A more energy-efficient home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Every floor is more comfortable
  • Enhanced odour control in crawlspaces
  • Controlled moisture helps prevent mould growth
  • During winter, floors are warmer
  • Your home's comfort and crawl space insulation

Your home's comfort and crawl space insulation

Insulation, air sealing, and energy efficiency all influence your home's comfort. You'll also notice a difference in your home's comfort level when you upgrade your insulation and air sealing. Having well-insulated crawl spaces reduces your home's energy losses and improves efficiency by preventing drafts and preventing cold spots.

Consider Getting a Home Energy Efficiency Audit

A registered energy advisor can conduct a whole-home energy audit for you if you'd like to know what areas will need attention first. With this service, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your home's energy performance, as well as a set of upgrade suggestions customized for your home, ordered by their cost-effectiveness. Insulating and air sealing your crawl space will improve the strength of your building envelope.

Insulating crawl spaces with spray foam

Crawl space insulation in Ontario is typically done with spray foam. Among its other benefits, it increases both air sealing and moisture control at once. Spray foam insulation made from polyurethane foam can be used as crawl space insulation because it helps form an air seal between the inside and outside of your building envelope. This is done through a form-fitting system which ensures that even a little air leak or crack will be sealed properly.
Spray foam also helps prevent mould in crawl spaces by limiting moisture build-up by reducing air leaks and moisture control. Our insulation consultants can advise you on how to resolve your crawl space's potential moisture problems. Homeowners with dirt floors in their crawl spaces may need help managing their moisture levels as the seasons change.

Book a Free In-Home Assessment of Your Crawl Space Insulation

Reitzel Insulation can help you find out what your best next steps maybe if you are interested in adding crawl space insulation to your home through a free assessment. In addition, a home energy audit can be a pathway to cost-effective home upgrades, as it will show you which upgrades will result in the greatest improvements in home comfort and energy efficiency. Canada Greener Home Grant can help you get up to $5,600.

To get in touch with Reitzel and book an assessment of your own, please contact us by telephone, or online.

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